About Us

I founded PuzzleMode with a simple idea in mind

Bring a large variety of puzzles to people easily to purchase, create custom puzzles so anyone with an amazing design or illustration can have a jigsaw puzzle created to showcase their work, challenge people with this outstanding hobby, and to bring in young children to start the development process of all the amazing things that we actually benefit from doing a jigsaw puzzle.

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With those visions in mind I personally curate a collection of quality puzzles that range from large puzzles for adults, challenging puzzles for kids, and even educational puzzles for the little ones.  I wanted to bring you puzzles that you couldn't wait to piece together!

The joy of puzzles shouldn't just be for hermits stuck at home, it should be enjoyed by everyone whether they have a large amount of space to layout a large puzzle or just want something quick to do with their kids.

I want you to shop at PuzzleMode knowing that you will receive a excellent puzzle that will bring you enjoyment for a long time.

Get Into Your PuzzleMode!

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Have any questions or concerns feel from to contact us at anytime:

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