Free Jigsaw Puzzles Online, Fun or Not?

Jigsaw Puzzles Online, Fun or Not the Same?

If you thought the advent of smartphones and tablets had outdated puzzles, think again! Nowadays you are indeed more likely to see kids playing video games online or doing puzzles online than conventional puzzles are put together. Yet, more and more adults turn to puzzles, both to unwind and test their minds in a new way.
If you are the one struggling to bring your child away from these devices, you might fail to do so. People, especially children are so addicted to these screen that they want everything in those devices. You might also be addicted to these devices in the same manner. Well, playing any puzzle game online might thrill you somehow but you or child might miss on some of the major benefits of doing it physically in the real world.
Today we would discuss how jigsaw puzzles online are less effective than playing them physically at home. So let’s start.
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Improved Visual-spatial Memory  
When solving a puzzle we need to look at various pieces to find out where they fit into the bigger picture. Doing so periodically helps our visual-spatial thinking improve.
When you play a jigsaw puzzle online, your visual-spatial memory is restricted to the size of the device at hand. This thing is going to restrict your cognition regarding the pieces of the puzzle and their position in the real space. On the other hand, if you are playing it physically at home, you would not only enjoy the real touch of the pieces but also your visual-spatial memory is going to improve.
A Source of Meditation
If you’re playing jigsaw puzzles online, there are chances of attention break by an advertisement or some other notification on your device. On the other hand, if you are solving a puzzle physically, you have to look at a picture for a longer period of time. There are no potential distractions while solving it. This is going to work as a meditation session where you are not thinking about anything else except being in the present. This would also work as an effective stress reliever.
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Bring Family Together
Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to bring family together once again. People now a days so much involved in these digital device that they don’t find time to sit with their family. By solving a large puzzle with the family, it would bring the same old feeling to everyone and bring happiness along with it. This is also helpful as parents and children might interact with each other and they can share some important goals during the play.
Improved Mood
Looking at a screen for a longer period of time does not only affect our eyesight but also affects our moods. On the other hand, playing it physically at home can bring improvement to your mood and relax your eyes as well. Jigsaw puzzles are also effective in increasing dopamine levels. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of optimism and improves our moods.
Each time we successfully crack a puzzle, dopamine is released — or just even get one piece right there. It inspires us to continue to work on their approach and push ourselves.
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