Best Puzzles to Do At Home

During these hard times of the COVID-19 crisis and lockdowns, people are more than feeling social distancing feelings. This could be the best time to break out some of the Jigsaw Puzzles at home. Typically reserved for rare rainy days, Jigsaw Puzzles are popular ways to get off your phone and remain in the moment during a stressful period like this one — after all, we know it can be mentally exhausting to read the news and social media for too long. No matter how you took Jigsaw Puzzles in the past, this is the perfect time that you could spend time playing these at home.

If your nearby stores are running out of puzzles, don’t worry, there are plenty of puzzles available online. So if you are still interested in buying one, keep reading.
Best Challenging Puzzles

If you have ever seen or played Jigsaw Puzzles, you might know that Ravensburg is one of the best Puzzle brands. The soft click technology provides extreme value and quality. You would hear the sound of clicking when you fix a piece at the right place in the puzzle.
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In addition would not only test your mental coordination skills, but also the 3000-piece world map puzzle is going to take much of your time at home. So don’t waste any further time and grab your piece today.

Jigsaw Puzzles to Relieve Stress
This Areaware 500-piece puzzle consists of nothing but vibrant pinks, blues and every color in between. The changing colors of this puzzle give a meditative feeling as you slowly move ahead in the game. This will come to a complete 18 by 24 inches until assembled. This Jigsaw provides the satisfaction you might be searching for and relieve your stress during these stressful times at home.
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Flower Still Life Jigsaw Puzzle
It is 172 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle that would add more charm to your home and you would play it during your stay home period. Especially if you are a botany lover and love flowers, this puzzle is going to be the best one for you. The intricate pieces of the puzzle are sometimes exhausting but you would spend some time and break this puzzle as the size is not so big.

The Itty-bitty Puzzle
This itty-bitty puzzle will send you back to the simpler days when what kind of toppings to order on your pizza was the most difficult choice you ever had to make. The New York-style pepperoni slice is made of about 70 pieces and comes in about 8-by-8 inches when packaged, which sounds like the perfect size right now for a piece of pizza.

Fine Art Puzzle
You needn't be artistically inclined to admire the elegance of this 1000-piece Metropolitan Museum of Art puzzle. It features one of the most well-known images of Japanese art, the popular woodblock print made by Katsushika Hokusai under the Great Wave at Kanagawa. You'll also be supporting one of the world's most impressive art collections by investing in your jigsaw hobby. We hope that you like our best Jigsaw Puzzles collection.
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